MONSTER WORKBENCH: Dungeon Master Toolkit for D&D 5th edition.
- Complete dice roller with customizable modifiers.
- Intuitive system for single and multi monster combat.
- Voice Assistant to guide you as your play.
- Forge your own Spells, Monsters and Items. 
- Detailed Compendium and Item Shop with multiple filters.
- Random Name Generator for Multiple Races, Artifacts and Locations.
- Browse our collection of 200+ custom Monsters, Spells and Magic Items.
- Inn Creator with patrons, consumables and events.
- Track Player AC, Conditions, and Initiative.  (Supports up to 9 party members).  
- Automatic EXP calculator based on monster kills.
- Unlimited Save Slots, No Ads, No Micro Transactions, 100% Free!

PLAYER WORKBENCH: Player Manager and Avatar Designer for D&D 5th edition.
- Everything you need to Create and Manage a character.
- Unlimited Character Save Slots
- XP tracker with Auto Level Up System. 
- Export to PDF & XML Functions.  
- Hand Drawn Avatars creator with Hair, Skin, Armors and color pallets.
- Scribe your own spellbook with stats, descriptions and Spells Per Day tracking.
- Intuitive Inventory system with images, purchasing, weight and customization.
- Detailed Notes and Location Markers with descriptions.
- Complete dice roller with customizable modifiers and dice colors.
- SMART GUI with Pre-Made combat, save and initiative rolls.
- Hundreds of custom made Magical Items, Monsters and content